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第九条是联邦民权立法,保护人们在教育项目中免受性别歧视. Title IX includes protections against sexual misconduct, including:

  • Sexual Assault
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Dating and Domestic Violence
  • Stalking, and
  • Sexual Exploitation

W&J does not tolerate any form of sexual or relationship violence. W&J’s approach to prevention and response includes three key elements:

  • 通过教育和行动预防性暴力和关系暴力以及跟踪
  • Providing support for survivors
  • Investigating incidents swiftly and adjudicating them fairly

You can learn more about W&J’s policies and procedures by reading the College-Wide Policy Against Sex Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault and Other Forms of Sexual Violence, Dating Violence, Domestic Violence and Stalking document.

Reporting Sexual Misconduct

Any member of the W&社区中认为自己目睹或经历过不当性行为的人应立即向第九条协调员报告此事, Title IX Investigators, any member of the faculty or staff, or using the online form.

Anonymous reporting:  In addition to reports to staff, Washington & 杰斐逊学院使用一个在线报告系统,允许用户匿名进行报告 using this online form. 值得注意的是,虽然该机构将评估所有性侵犯和性骚扰的报告, 根据报告所提供的资料,该机构调查和回应指控的能力可能受到限制. 鼓励个人审查该机构关于调查性暴力报告的政策,以获得有关程序和资源的更多信息. 只有第九条协调员、副校长和学生生活主任有权查看这些报告. 在在线系统中收集的信息将用于开始解决过程, which may involve a formal investigation.

Filing a Complaint:  Making a report is different than filing a formal complaint. A formal complaint will result in an investigation. The outcome will be a finding of facts. When a complaint is filed, 投诉人(提出投诉者)要求启动调查程序并实施制裁, as deemed appropriate, are assigned.

Who is required to report potential misconduct?

W&J has ethical, 有道德和法律责任跟进所有性暴力和关系暴力的披露. Reports of violations are requests for investigation and assistance. Any community member may report concerns, but certain employees must report violations of the policy of Title IX. Obligatory reporters cannot keep the information they are given confidential, even if the survivor asks them to do so. Obligatory reporters include:

  • Members of the faculty and staff
  • Vice Presidents and the President
  • Supervisors
  • Student Life employees, except student employees
  • Resident Assistants and LINK mentors

What Happens After a Report is Received by the Title IX Coordinator?

After a report is received, 第九条协调员将开始一个接收过程,包括收集基本信息并向幸存者提供临时补救措施. The College will work to offer reasonable remedies and accommodations to survivors, while respecting the rights of all parties involved. Whenever possible, the burden will not fall on the survivor.

Reports are considered private, not confidential, and information about the report is only shared among a very limited Title IX team. Once a report is made, 学院保护幸存者保密的能力受到其采取行动防止对个人和社区造成进一步伤害的义务的限制. 即使是匿名举报,学院也会采取措施减轻和补救伤害, but its response will be limited based on the available information.

What if I Don’t Want to Make a Report to the College or to Law Enforcement?

Confidential Resources:你可以要求机密资源不要在未经你允许的情况下与任何人分享任何信息,除非他们担心你会伤害自己或他人处于危险之中. Confidential resources on campus include:

  • Student Health and Counseling Center(New Residence Hall, Ground Floor): 724-223-6107
  • Student Health Services(New Residence Hall, Ground Floor): 724-223-6047
  • Employee Assistance Program: 877-240-6863

You can receive some types of assistance without making a report. 辅导员(学生健康和咨询服务)可以给你更多关于以下方面的信息:

  • Advocacy and counseling on and off campus
  • Medical care
  • Forensic evidence collection at a hospital emergency room
  • Restraining order from the courts
  • Information about legal options

I’m an obligatory reporter. 当有人分享他们或他们认识的人有过不当性行为时,我该如何回应?

幸存者收到的第一反应会对他们的幸福产生长期的积极或消极的影响. As the recipient of a disclosure, your role is to reassure the survivor that they were right to confide in you, get them the resources that can help them, and fulfill your legal reporting obligations. 你不需要提供支持和持续的情感支持,或者找出“真正”发生了什么.

Avoid the following:

  • 表达怀疑或不相信的回应,因为这些对幸存者的伤害最大
  • Asking questions beyond what is necessary to make a report
  • Telling the survivor that they “have to” do something
  • Making promises about what will happen next

Steps to take:

  • Remind about obligatory reporting: As an obligatory reporter, you cannot keep the information you are given confidential, even if the survivor asks you to do so. When you suspect that someone is going to disclose, gently interrupt to remind them that you are an obligatory reporter. 为他们提供保密资源,让他们知道如果他们想继续,你愿意倾听.
  • Check for safety: Ask the person if they are safe now; if not, call Campus & Public Safety: 724-223-6032. Ask if they need medical assistance; if so, refer them to Student Health and Counseling. If after hours, contact Campus & Public Safety for assistance getting to the hospital. Disclosing sexual or relationship violence can be embarrassing and frightening. 没有必要询问比对方最初告诉你的更多的细节. While you cannot make promises about what will happen next, 你可以告诉对方你很感激他们的信任,并给他们提供了对他们有帮助的资源.
  • Refer: When you conclude your conversation, ask if they would like to speak with a counselor or someone in Campus & Public Safety. Give them appropriate phone numbers from the Resource List. Depending on their response, 你可以主动为他们打电话给咨询中心预约,或者带他们过去.
  • Report: If the survivor is in danger, or you think the perpetrator may be dangerous to someone else, call Campus & Public Safety as soon as possible. 强制性报告可以通过电话或电子邮件(电子邮件是首选)向第九条协调员(或指定人员)提交。, the Vice President of Student Life & Dean of Students or to Campus & Public Safety.

Campus Support, Assistance and Accommodations

Campus Escort

Campus & 公共安全部门可以安排一名护送人员陪同你上下课或参加其他活动.

Classes and Coursework

If you share a class with the attacker, 学生生活副总裁、学生主任和第九条协调员可能会帮助你们中的一个人转换部门或课程. You may also discuss withdrawal from a class. Your adviser can help you get additional tutoring and other academic support, 学生办公室主任或学生健康与咨询可以向你的教师发送消息,提醒他们你可能遇到了困难. (You will be responsible for asking about making up any missed work). You may be eligible to take incompletes in one or more classes. A Medical Leave of Absence may also be an option for you.

Counseling and Medical Care



居住生活可以帮助您获得临时紧急住房,并可以与您一起选择更永久的住房, should that be desired.

No-Contact Orders

A no-contact order (issued by Student Life or Campus & 公共安全)禁止犯罪者以特定方式与您联系,如果他们是W&J community member.

Reporting Assistance

任何大学教职员工或宿舍助理都可以帮助你报告校园性侵犯. If you want help reporting to police, getting a forensic examination, or accessing other resources, the Title IX Coordinator, a Title IX Deputy Coordinator, 管理员待命小组成员和/或学生生活副主席 & Dean of Students can assist you.

Title IX Investigators Work Scheduling

The Vice President of Student Life & 学生主任和/或第九条协调员可以与校园雇主合作,尽量减少你和犯罪者互动的可能性.

Training Disclosure

In response to 34 CFR Part 106.2020年《澳门博彩在线软件》第45(b)(10)条,该条例要求公开共享用于培训学校和大学第九条团队成员的材料, Washington & Jefferson College uses the following vendors:

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